Little Frog Pottery Studio


Other Potters

Bill Boyd - a crystal glaze potter.
Larry Bruning
Bill Campbell - a crystal glaze potter.
Ginny Conrow - a crystal glaze potter.
Jesse Wiseman Hall
John Hesselberth
Steve Irvine
William Melstrom - a crystal glaze potter.
William Schran - a crystal glaze potter and teacher.


Amaco Glazes - has a wonderful set of commercial glazes.
Coyote Clay & Glazes
Mayco Colors
Minnesota Clay Company
Standard Ceramic Supply Company - they supply nearly every clay I use to make pots.

Local to Georgia (Atlanta area)

Davens Ceramic Center - my local shop in Atlanta.
Mudfire - has classes and gallery space in Atlanta.
Wild Child Arts - in my town of Monroe, GA, with classes and supplies.
Monroe Art Guild - where I show work in the summer and winter members show.
Good Dirt - a local studio shop with a gallery that has classes in Athens, GA.