Little Frog Pottery Studio

About Me

I am a potter who has been refining my technique for the past five years. Each pot I throw teaches me more about clay and the work I do. I like to try new glazes and forms. While most of the pottery I make is wheel thrown, I also enjoy hand-building pieces. The rough, primitive look of hand-building helps me feel connected to the roots of pottery back among early human tribes.

By 2009, I learned of a new challenge in pottery: crystalline glazes. Crystalline glazes are glazes in which crystals actually grow in the glaze as the piece is being fired in the kiln. They are fired in a more complex cycle than normally glazed pottery. They are quickly heated to a peak temperature. At this temperature, the glaze becomes molten and runs down the pot onto custom fitted colection plates. Then, the kiln temperature is lowered to a cooler "crystal growing" temperature and left for a length of time as short as 30 minutes or as long as 6 hours. The longer the kiln is held at the "crystal growing" temperature, the larger (and more numerous) the crystals become within the glaze. For an example of what a crystal glaze can look like, please look up at the title image for this and all my pages.

In 2010, I married my girlfriend Misty and we have been working to bring about changes in my business. With her encouragement, I'm refining my processes and experimenting with my work to bring all sorts of beautiful pots into being.

I hope you enjoy your journey through these pages and visit the links that I have provided. Perhaps, they can help bring out your creative side.